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Our Values

Empowerment – this is an essential aspect of our work. The objective is always to enable individuals, families and carers to take charge of the services they receive and deliver, and to ensure that the needs and choices of the person receiving care is at the centre of all decisions.

Inclusion – It is important that all individuals and their families with our assistance feel able to make decisions about their own lives in the here and now or in future care planning. They should, wherever possible, enjoy the same access to trusted care services, opportunities and activities as their contemporaries, regardless of care funding eligibility, age and ability.

Empathy – To ensure that services are delivered that recognise an individual or family’s needs and aspirations.

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Why Choose Us

Our mission is to constantly strive to further improve our service, to share knowledge gained, to add value and ideas to the sector, and to consistently focus our efforts on the individual needs and choices of the person (or persons) for whom the support care is being provided.

Jane and Teri both offer their expertise and passion for enabling people to obtain the best care in their area, understanding the system and financing care, as well as being connected to the right people.

Both have vast experience in care, coupled with being Care Funding Advisors affiliated by SOLLA, The Good Care Network is your one stop shop for all of your care pathway needs.

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Meet The Team

Jane Allen


I started helping to connect people who need reliable services with trusted Personal Assistants, my passion for connecting others, creating a healthy environment of encouragement, reliability and respect for everyone needing support is what drives me.

I have previously worked for a Supported Living Service covering areas within Reading, Basingstoke,  Greater London, and Kent. I successfully completed National Accredited Brokerage Training in November 2011 and I continue to work as an Independent Support Broker in Buckinghamshire.

I have been involved in setting up and managing a register of self employed Personal Assistants with Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, which worked effectively and efficiently for and individuals either self funding their own care or in receipt of a direct payment, whilst maintaining standards as set out in the current Health and Social Care modernisation programme.

I am dedicated to provide a clear pathway to cost effective and appropriate care solutions for individuals who need to pay full cost for their care and to enable individuals to experience the benefits of receiving person centred support with positive outcomes. I have achieved the SOLLA Affiliated Care Adviser Award.

Teri Waller


After completing my degree at Brunel University, I obtained an honours degree in Business Administration specializing in European Community Law. I then undertook a number of educational roles ranging from teaching Business Studies to training disaffected young people to enter employment.

In more recent years I have worked in social housing as a Community Co-ordinator, focusing mainly on large new housing developments, and  subsequently  further  trained as a Personal Support Broker. I have been working independently since November 2011 and am now an approved broker for Buckinghamshire and for Hertfordshire councils. I have achieved the SOLLA Affiliated Care Adviser Award.

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